The company today


The winemaking company VINTINOVE sells wines made through direct processing of the grapes grown in the company vineyards, on its privately owned land in Portogruaro in the Venice province, situated within the “Lison Classico” DOC region. The modern functional structure of the vineyard is the fruit of a complex renovation project carried out in the latter half of the 1990s, when the farm went from cultivating herbaceous crops to grapes. Since the year 2000, the entire surface area of the farm, just under 18 hectares, has been totally dedicated to vineyards, with international as well as native grape varieties for the production of white and red wines.

The company produces over 2,000 quintals of grapes annually, all certified DOC, of which only a small portion is dedicated to winemaking for annual production of approximately 30,000 bottles.

The grape cultivation and processing methods, as well as the storage and commercialization of the wines, are supervised personally by the owners of the company, combining manual handling with mechanization, traditional processes with modern technologies and equipment, respect for nature with careful attention to quality.