Winemaking today

Quite often the common conception of the world of wine is closely bound to its historical origins, and therefore to the farming tradition and its most characteristic aspects, perhaps revisited through a poetic, romantic lens based on old stories and photographs from our ancestors.

Nevertheless, in our opinion it is time for a step forward, because:

Today making wine also means fulfilling a series of legal requirements enforced by accredited control entities (Inspectorate, AVEPA, ASL, Anti-Fraud Authority, municipal authorities, protectionist consortiums, etc.). Vineyard workers and winery staff must be trained and certified to perform their job duties through courses and diplomas, and facilities and equipment must be authorized for their specific use and undergo periodical controls.

Winemaking today means offering a product to an educated and demanding consumer who is capable of selecting and judging the product, and who expects high quality and safety to be reflected in their purchase. Before being sold the wine must be subjected to careful, accurate analyses and certifications, and then accompanied by official labels and markings to attest to its origin and guarantee its identification and safety.

Winemaking today means knowing how to create a market and guarantee value and stability over time of your brand, extending the limits of your business beyond traditional geographical boundaries and making the most of all the opportunities offered by modern means of communication.

Winemaking today means standing up to competition from products made all around the world, sometimes in countries where the diverse economic and environmental conditions and less stringent regulatory restrictions, as well as lesser protections for laborers and consumers, significantly reduce the production costs.

In other words, winemaking today for us means being entrepreneurs!

This does not mean we are negating our past, but we are facing the present and future with a new kind of awareness. Without ever forgetting the origins of our world and the typical values of the farming tradition in which we were raised, we are nurturing an instinct, a need, to reach our objectives through combining tradition and modernity, manual skill and technology, memory and progress, poetry and business.

For us winemaking today is therefore knowing how to meld these two worlds, which all too often are perceived as being contradictory, into one. Integrating tradition and modernity into our own style, giving life to a product that respects the most stringent standards according to today’s complex regulatory framework, while expressing the utmost quality in demand by a sophisticated, modern clientele, exalting the true poetry and romance of wine in every sip.

Therefore in our work we strive to transmit the expressions of a “living” product to the wine through its colors, aromas and flavors, all generated by the land and the climate, grown from the choices we have made, in the vineyard and then in the winery, aged in steel, wood barrels and bottles for the time necessary for nature to exalt that character of that specific wine, readying it to fully express its total personality upon tasting.

But we wanted to give this world a new image, young and colorful, creating an elegant, slender bottle, which in its innate essential and professional character exemplifies the values we believe in and that are at the heart of our company: competence, simplicity and modernity.

For us, winemaking today means all of this, and all of this is Cantina VINTINOVE